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The Bohemia Sekt portfolio contains a number of true speciality wines. Chateau Radyně is the oldest sparkling wine produced without interruption in the Czech Republic. It first saw the light of day back in 1945. It has few rivals in the extra brut category, as demonstrated by its huge popularity among consumers of premium sparkling wines and by the many top awards it has won at prestigious wine competitions in Europe and America.

What makes it unique?

Chateau Radyně is characteristic for its brilliant flavour. A blend of Welschriesling and Grüner Veltliner grapes grown on the sun-soaked slopes of the Pálava highlands forms a cuvée with a high content of pleasant acidity. A concert of bubbles is created using the traditional bottle fermentation method. Chateau Radyně will win your heart with its delicate, balanced flavour, featuring a typical, mature bouquet and rich extractive matter. Excellent as an aperitif or served with delicate white meat dishes.

Sugar (g/l)

Alcohol (% ABV)

Acids (g/l)

Recommended serving temperature





Selected awards:

Czech Republic:

GRAND PRIX VINEX 2020 - Silver medal (LOT 17056E)
GRAND PRIX VINEX 2020 - Gold medal (LOT 18046C)
Prague Wine Trophy 2020 1. kolo - Prague Premium Gold (LOT 17056E)
Prague Wine Trophy 2020 1. kolo - Prague Premium Gold (LOT 18046C)
KRÁL VÍN České republiky 2019 - Gold medal (LOT 18046C)
TERRAVINO 2019 - Silver medal (LOT 18046B)
Nár.soutěž vín - Velkopavl. podoblasti 2019 - Gold medal (LOT 18046B)
Nár.soutěž vín -  Mikulovské podoblasti 2019 - Silver medal (LOT 17056E)
Nár.soutěž vín -  Znojemské podoblasti 2019 - Gold medal (LOT 18046A)
Champagne&Sparkling Wine World Championships Ltd 2019 - bronze medal (LOT 16026H)
Nár.soutěž vín -  Slovácké podoblasti 2018 - Silver medal  (LOT 16026H)
Valtické vinné trhy 2018 - Gold medal (LOT 16026H)
Vinařské Litoměřice 2018 - Gold medal and category winner (LOT 16026H)
KRÁL VÍN České republiky 2018 - Silver medal (LOT 16026H)
Salon vín - Národní soutěž vín ČR 2018 - Silver medal (LOT 16026C)
MUNDUSvini 2017 - Silver medal (LOT 16026D)
AWC VIENNA 2017 - Silver medal (LOT 15027B)
AWC VIENNA 2017 - diploma (LOT 16026C)
San Francisco IWC 2017 - silver medal (LOT 16026D)
OENOFORUM 2017 - Gold medal and category winner (LOT 16026D)
AWC VIENNA 2016 - silver medal (LOT 15027)
AWC VIENNA 2016 - diploma (LOT 3039D)
Nár.soutěž vín - velkopavl. podoblasti 2016 - silver medal (LOT 3039D)
MUVINA Přešov 2016 - gold medal (LOT 3039D)
GRAND PRIX VINEX 2014, Brno – gold medal winner
OENOFORUM 2014, Znojmo – gold medal winner and category winner
Second round, Prague Wine Trophy 2014, Prague – gold medal winner
Vinařské Litoměřice 2015 - silver medal (LOT 3045), gold medal (LOT 2050C)
Prague Wine Trophy 2015 1. kolo - Prague Silver (LOT 3045)
GRAND PRIX VINEX 2015 - silver medal (LOT 3045)
OENOFORUM 2015 - silver medal (LOT 2050C)
Valtické vinné trhy 2015, Valtice - bronze medal (LOT 2050C)
KRÁL VÍN České republiky 2015 - silver medal (LOT 2050C)

AWC VIENNA 2019 - silver medal (LOT 17056D)

MUVINA Prešov 2014, Prešov – gold medal winner

Champagne&Sparkling Wine World Championships Ltd 2018 - Silver medal (LOT 16026H)
SÉLECTIONS MONDIALES DES VINS 2013, Montreal – silver medal winner

San Francisco IWC 2016 - silver medal (LOT 3039D)

Hong Kong:
IWSC Hong Kong 2016 - silver medal (LOT 15027)
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