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We help people enjoy the precious moments of life, experience pleasure and share it with their loved ones.

BOHEMIA SEKT is one of the leading producers of sparkling wines and still wines in Central and Eastern Europe. We sell around 28 million bottles a year. The many awards our sparkling and still wines have won at prestigious local and international wine competitions testify to their high quality. With its market share of 70%, Bohemia Sekt has long been by far the most popular brand of sparkling wine in the Czech Republic. Our still wine brands Víno Mikulov, Habánské sklepy, Chateau Bzenec and Vinařství Pavlov are gaining renown and now dominate the Czech still wine market thanks to their high quality, tradition and Moravian origins.

Our distribution network covers all the regions of the Czech Republic and includes the most important businesses on the domestic market. Outside the Czech Republic, we offer our products in more than 30 countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the EU, Asia and North and Central America.

Our unique combination of nature, traditions, people and ideas gives rise to an elegant, sparkling, refreshing drink whose refined, subtle and unique character will win your heart.

A drink for happy times – Bohemia Sekt. 


Nature. The vineyards belonging to the BOHEMIA SEKT group are situated in tried-and-tested historic wine-growing locations in southern Moravia. The terroir is characterised by a deep chalky soil often topped with loess, an excellent position with a good slope, and a climate with sufficient sunshine and rainfall. All this makes for healthy and productive vines that yield grapes from which our winemakers make delectable still wines and superb sparkling wines.

People. It takes the graft, craft and love of winegrowers and winemakers to make the best still and sparkling wines. The ability to identify and develop the best qualities in a wine and the desire to make the best wines year in year out – these are the foundations on which we build. This is our mission and our challenge. That is why we put so much into nurturing our experts – winegrowers, winemakers, technologists, oenologists and cellarmen. Their knowledge, skills and experience guarantee that you will enjoy our fantastic wines.

Ideas. We use environmentally friendly technology in combination with long experience and traditional techniques to make our quality still and sparkling wines. This results in wines with an unmistakable harmony, a subtle, crisp, bouquet character and an elegant and extraordinary pure flavour.

Traditions. Our forebears learned how to cultivate, tend and train grapevines. We are further developing those skills. We are building on experience gained over centuries, experience that has produced a refined, subtle and harmonious drink. Continuing in the best that the natural vine-growing, grape-growing and wine-making conditions here allow is a responsibility we gladly accept.