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Feb 4, 2019

Bohemia Sekt sells 18 million bottles of sparkling wine in 2018

“Our long-term objective is to sell products of the highest quality – quality wines and wines with special attributes. Evidence that this strategy is proving successful can be found in growing sales of our premium line and in the numerous awards we have received at domestic and foreign wine competitions,”

Jan 21, 2019

Both of the Sparkling Wines at the 2019 Wine Salon Come from Starý Plzenec

Two sparkling wines, the Louis Girardot Brut 2013 and the Bohemia Sekt Prestige Chardonnay Brut, won gold medals in the Sparkling Wines category at the national 2019 Wine Salon competition

Oct 30, 2018

This year’s vintage offers diversity and varying quality

The hot, dry summer brought another noteworthy feature to this year’s vintage. The grape sugar content is often higher and acidity lower than usual for Moravian grapes.

Apr 26, 2018

Main star of this year’s Bohemia Sekt Day is vocalist Lucie Bílá

Starý Plzenec, 26 April 2018 – This year’s annual Family Afternoon for All Corkers Great & Small in Starý Plzenec will be held at Bohemia Sekt starting at 2:30 p.m. on Saturday, 9 June. In addition to Lucie Bílá with support from the Petr Malásek Band, visitors can look forward to music by Pavel Callta and Lenka Slabá with her band – and especially the vibrant array of wines and sparkling wines.

Jan 8, 2018

Bohemia Sekt sets new record in sparkling wine and other sparkling beverage sales in 2017

Starý Plzenec, 8 January 2018 – Bohemia Sekt sold over 16 million bottles of sparkling wine and other sparkling beverages on the Czech market in 2017, a year-on-year increase of six percent. The company thus surpassed its previous record-breaking sales of 1999, when people celebrated the arrival of the new millennium. The sales reflected the positive mood among Czech consumers.

Jan 9, 2017

Bohemia Sekt sold over 15 million bottles of sparkling wine and other sparkling beverages last year

Starý Plzenec, 9 January 2017 – Bubbly is becoming increasingly popular among Czech consumers. Bohemia Sekt’s successful season brought sales of sparkling wines and other sparkling beverages on the Czech market up by almost 8% year-on-year to over 15 million bottles overall. The company based in Starý Plzenec, Czech Republic, sold a total of 28.5 million bottles of sparkling wines, other sparkling beverages, still wines and spirits last year, a 3% increase compared to 2015.