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This pearl is the Czech Republic’s best-selling traditional-method sparkling wine. Its unique character makes it the perfect introduction to the world of premium sparkling wines and an ideal gift for the connoisseur.

What makes it special?

Bohemia Sekt Prestige brut is a premium traditional-method sparkling wine aged for 15–18 months on its yeast lees. The cuvée is a unique combination of quality varietal wines from selected vineyards in southern Moravia. Rheinriesling gives the wine a rich aroma and spicy acidity, while Pinot Blanc supplies extractive notes on the palate and Welschriesling adds freshness. Bohemia Sekt Prestige brut has a unique sparkling appearance, an unmistakable flavour, a pleasant green-gold colour and fine, long-lasting bubbles. The many awards Bohemia Sekt Prestige brut has received at prestigious international competitions confirm its exceptional quality.

Bottle sizes: 0.75 l, 0.75 l in gift pack, and 0.75 l in gift pack with two glasses

Selected awards:

Vinařské Litoměřice 2018 – Zlatá medaile (LOT 16024P)
KRÁL VÍN České republiky 2018 – Gold medal (LOT 16024R)
KRÁL VÍN České republiky 2018 – Silver medal (LOT 16024P)
Vinalies Internationales 2018 – Silver medal (LOT 16024P)
ASIA WINE TROPHY DEAJEON 2017 – Gold medal (LOT 16024E, 15025L)
MUNDUSvini 2017 – Gold medal (LOT 16024E, 15025L)
AWC VIENNA 2017 – Gold medal (LOT 15025L)
AWC VIENNA 2017 – Silver medal (LOT 16024C)
San Francisco IWC 2017 – Bronze medal (šarže 16024E)
San Francisco IWC 2017 – Bronze medal (šarže 15025L)
OENOFORUM 2017 – Gold medal (LOT 15025L)
Decanter World Wine Awards 2017 London – Bronze medal (LOT 15025L)
TERRAVINO 2015 – gold medal (LOT 14015J)
Nár. soutěž vín – znojemské podoblasti 2016 – silver medal (LOT 15025E)
MUNDUSvini 2016 – silver medal (LOT 14015J)
AWC VIENNA 2016 – silver medal (LOT 14015G, 14015K, 14015J)
Nár.soutěž vín – velkopavl. podoblasti 2016 – winner categories a gold medal (LOT 14015K)
Nár.soutěž vín – slovácké podoblasti 2016 – winner categories a gold medal (LOT 15025C)
San Francisco IWC 2016 – bronze medal (LOT 14015J)
MUVINA Prešov 2016 – gold medal (LOT 14015J)
Second round, Prague Wine Trophy 2014 – gold medal winner
National Wine Salon – National Wine Competition 2013 – awarded a place in the National Wine Salon of the Czech Republic 2013
Winemaker of the Year 2013 – gold medal winner
Vinařské Litoměřice 2015 –  gold medal (LOT 14019A), stříbrná medaile (LOT 2044)
GRAND PRIX VINEX 2015, Brno – silver medal (LOT 14019A, 14015B)
Valtické vinné trhy 2015, Valtice – bronze medal (LOT 14019A)
KRÁL VÍN České republiky 2015 – stříbrná medaile (LOT 14019A, LOT 14015C), Vítěz kategorie a zlatá medaile (LOT 2044C)
Prague Wine Trophy 2015 1. kolo – Prague Gold (LOT 14022A, 14019A, 14015B, 2044C)
OENOFORUM 2015 –  gold medal (LOT 14019A), Category winner and Gold Medal (LOT 14015B)
Vinalies International France, Paris – gold medal (LOT 2044A)
DECANTER London, Great Britain 2015 – diploma (LOT 14019A), bronze medal (LOT 2044C)
IWSC Londýn 2015, Great Britain – bronze medal (LOT 14019A), silver medal (LOT 2044C)
AWC VIENNA 2015, Vienna, Austria- gold medal (LOT 14019A), silver medal (LOT 2044C)
MUNDUS VINI 2015, Neustadt, Germany- Silver Medal – the best sparkling wine from Eastern Europe (LOT 14019A)
Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2015, Belgium – gold medal (LOT 14019A), silver medal (LOT 2044C)
San Francisco IWC 2015, USA –  silver medal (LOT 14019A), silver medal (LOT 2044C)
Vind Du Monde, Paris, France 2015 – gold medal (LOT 2044C)
VinaAngora Hungary 2015, Hungary – gold medal (LOT 14019A)
IWSC Hong Kong 2016 – bronze medal (LOT 14015J)


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