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Enjoy Bohemia Sekt

Bohemia Sekt is the most popular bubbly in our country, a fact proven over decades. Since forever, Bohemia Sekt has brought us together at unique moments when we can be together. Let's be together.


Bohemia Sekt

Iconic taste and aroma of the most popular bubbly in our country.
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Bohemia Sekt Prestige

Patience, art and craft are poured into this prestigious bottle-fermented sparkling wine.
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Special Sparkling Wines

Sophistication and a distinctive style for special occasions.
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From the life of Bohemia Sekt

A prestigious award at the AWC Vienna international competition!

A prestigious award at the AWC Vienna international competition!

This year the international AWC jury recognised our Bohemia Sekt Prestige brand and awarded second place in the sparkling wines category to the Bohemia Sekt Prestige Chardonnay. This is a huge success for our hard work, and above all for our cellar master Josef Švéda, who has been supervising our sparkling wine production for a … Continued
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Celebrants at Prague Castle drank our wines

Celebrants at Prague Castle drank our wines

On October 28th, Czechs celebrated the 105th anniversary of Czechoslovakia’s founding nationwide. The most important and significant celebrations were held directly at Prague Castle, where President Petr Pavel awarded state decorations. We are very proud that our wines, both sparkling and still, accompanied this celebration.
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How to serve properly

It may seem that anyone can open a bottle of sparkling wine with ease. But how to serve it properly is not so obvious. How to serve Bohemia Sekt in an elegant way? Take inspiration from our sommelier mini-course.

How a sekt is born

Did you know that there are different ways of making sparkling wine? Here in Starý Plzenec, sekts are born using two methods, traditional and Charmat. For sparkling wines made using the Charmat method, we strive for their airiness, lightness and fruitiness. Sekts that are created by the traditional method, fermentation in the bottle, are more expressive, broader and with a long aftertaste.

World-class sparkling drinks

In every drink, your favourite sparkling wine can dance with the play on flavours, aromas and colours. It’s up to you whether you want to shine, charm, impress or refresh.

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