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Who are we


Who are we

The first sparkling wine started to mature in our cellars in 1942. Thanks to this long tradition and the strong trust that we enjoy among our consumers, we produce more than half of the sparkling wines that are drunk in the Czech Republic. We are among the most important grape growers in the country and we are also the biggest processor of Moravian grapes. Our strength comes from the soil and landscape where we operate. Sustainable business practices and protection of natural sources are at the centre of our interests.

Our values


Our brands

We are a traditional company whose foundation is local brands with a long history. We take care of them so that they will be in the best shape in the future. We are the market leader in sparkling wines and one of the most important players in the still wine market. We bring our customers not only traditional Bohemia Sekt and Habánské sklepy wines, but also many other successful Czech and world-famous brands.

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Sustainability and responsibility

We do everything we can to bring top quality products to the market and we are equally responsible to the environment. We look for sustainable solutions in all areas of our business – from working in the vineyard to packaging to waste management. Our business is built on traditional local brands. That’s why we recognise how important it is to support the regions in which we operate and the people who live there.

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Our employees

The quality of our products comes from the skill and honest work of our employees. That is why we care about their satisfaction and further development. We are proud that a quarter of our employees have stayed with us for over 20 years, many for life. This helps us to create the pleasant atmosphere of a family company. We want to have the highest-quality people in the industries that are important to us. Together we make a strong and successful team.


Our mission

Our consumers are always at the heart of everything we do. Our still wines and sparkling wines are with them at moments of celebration, in everyday pleasures and on rare occasions that give them the hallmark of uniqueness. And that’s exactly what drives us – the pleasure of helping people enjoy life. Giving sparkle to life’s big and small moments.



The cellars of the former Staroplzenec brewery will be filled with wine.

The first bubbles were produced in Starý Plzenec in 1942. At that time, Českomoravské vinné sklepy leased a part of the closed Starý Plzenec brewery. A year later, the first 17 barrels were already there and in 1944 another 30 hectoliters of wine were produced. This is the date of the first ever fermentation of sekt in Starý Plzenec.


American liberators taste Czech sekt

In the spring of 1945, to the sound of wailing sirens and rumbling bombers, the first champagne ripened in the cellars. On 6 May 1945, Starý Plzenec welcomed the American liberators and the next day toasted them with nothing but the previously mentioned red sparkling wine. It is said that 37,000 bottles were drunk during the celebrations! Their labels had not yet been branded. The name “Black Widow” was not given to the champagne until a year later, after the name of the American bombers operating over Plzeň.


The longest continuously produced sparkling wine

The year 1945 brought something new to shops, the extra dry Chateau Radyně sparkling wine, which got its name from the castle above Starý Plzenec. You can still enjoy a glass of Chateau Radyně today, as it is the longest continuously produced sparkling wine in our country.


The Frenchman who revealed to the Czechs the secret of making top-quality sparkling wines

The story of Bohemia Sekt would not be complete without mentioning the French expert Louis Girardot, a native of Champagne, who enriched the Old Prussian cellar with his extensive knowledge of the technology of sparkling wine production. The charming elegance of the man who came to Starý Plzenec in 1949 is still talked about amongst those who remember him. They mention not only his love for champagne, but also for women. Women were allegedly the main reason that Louis Girardot preferred sekt to wine as a drink that “is close to women and women are closer to you,” as he liked to say.


An icon was born

At the beginning of the 1960s, Starý Plzenec had the status of the largest sekt producer in Czechoslovakia. The thirst for sparkling wine continued to grow and the company’s management therefore laid out a new future for the plant – achieving the capacity of 1.6 million bottles per year through continuous production. This method used the gradual fermentation of wine in tanks. The historical milestones of the Plzeň plant include the commissioning of the continuous production technology and the introduction of the production line in 1970, when Bohemia Sekt demi sec, a still popular sparkling wine with a harmonious, slightly semi-dry taste and a fresh, medium-bodied floral aroma, was officially born.


Two methods of sekt production

In 1985, two methods of sparkling wine production were finally established and they are still used in Starý Plzenec today. The first is the Charmat method based on the fermentation of wine in sealed large pressure vessels. The second, which has never been completely abandoned in Starý Plzenec, is the traditional method known as “Champenoise”. The tradition method involves the fermentation of sparkling wine directly in specific bottles, which are then delivered to the customer’s table.


The family is growing

The popular Bohemia Sekt demi sec and brut were first offered in 1.5 litre bottles in 1994. These sparkling wines were also available in 200 ml bottles.


A royal toast

In September 1994, a social event at Bertramka in the form of a tasting previewed a new addition to the portfolio – the top-class Louis Girardot sparkling wine. It was christened a year later by Karel Gott at the Atrium Hotel in Prague. It was literally a royal honour in 1996, when the Czech Republic was visited by the British monarch, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. Louis Girardot and Chateau Radyně were drunk in the toasting of the Queen at the state reception.


Bohemia Sekt Prestige

The year 2000 brought the new millennium, so we decided to prepare a limited edition of Bohemia Sekt 2000 brut especially for the New Year’s celebrations. However, the originally limited edition Bohemia Sekt 2000 became so popular that it was eventually added as a permament part of our product lines. Now under the name Bohemia Sekt Prestige, it offers a unique taste experience for even the most demanding sparkling wine lovers.



Let’s keep going on the path we’ve laid out

We are continuing on the path that was defined at the inception of our first sparkling wines – to produce great wines that will be part of the significant moments in our consumers’s lives. We are sensitive to your wishes and regularly add new products to our range. In 2007, we introduced non-alcoholic Bohemia Sekt and in 2020 Bohemia Sekt ICE, which is mainly drunk on the rocks. And in 2022, we added Bohemia Sekt Ice PiNK!, which goes great with ice. We are delighted that our wines are reaping success at domestic and international wine competitions. In 2023, the BOHEMIA SEKT winery won the Winery of the Year competition. In the same year, Bohemia Sekt Centrum in Starý Plzenec became the three-time winner of the prestigious Bedekr TOP Wine Destination poll, which maps the best places for wine lovers in the Czech Republic. Accept our invitation to the world of bubbles at the BOHEMIA SEKT Visitor Centre in Starý Plzenec and to our Moravian wineries and wine shops.


Our winery


Bohemia Sekt

Bohemia Sekt is the most popular brand of sparkling wine in the Czech Republic, and the name “Bohemka” is therefore sometimes used as a synonym for all sparkling wines. From the beginning, the art of cellar masters from Starý Plzenec, a city located near Plzeň, has been behind its production. The flagship is the sparkling wine Bohemia Sekt demi sec with a harmonious, slightly semi-dry taste. Among the established constants today is the Bohemia Sekt Prestige series, premium sparkling wines produced using the classic method. In 2020, the brand started a new era of icy refreshment with Bohemia Sekt ICE. Ice bubbles have become the most successful innovation in the history of winemaking.



Habánské sklepy cellars produce exceptional wines from Moravian grapes that have won awards at Czech and international competitions. However, their success is not accidental. The winery builds on the heritage of the original Habán family, who contributed to the winemaking boom in Moravia in the 16th century. The Habáňs valued perseverance, hard work and respect for the land and the vines, which they tended carefully. It is these qualities that continue to be reflected in the characteristics of these much-loved wines with their unmistakable character. In short, only the good will last.

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Pavlov Winery

Typical for the Pavlov Winery are the white wines of the appellation, which place highly in prestigious wine competitions and boldly compete with the best white wines from around the world. They are also the pride of leading restaurants and wine shops. The wines are produced from premium grapes grown in Pálava, the warmest region of South Moravia, where the winemaking tradition has been preserved for centuries.

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The picturesque Chateau Bzenec vineyard is situated in the middle of the fertile wine subregion of Slovácko. It is in these vineyards that the grapes have excellent conditions for ripening. In connection with the art and honest care of the vineyard owners, excellent wines are born here. A local speciality is the Riesling variety, from whose grapes the Bzenec winemakers prepared the very first Moravian sparkling wine 140 years ago. Still today, you can enjoy its outstanding taste in unchanged quality, regularly appreciated by leading tasters.

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The joy of discovery. This is the mission of the VÍNO MIKULOV winery, whose wines we produce from carefully selected Moravian grape varieties. Mikulov Sommelier Club wine is a range intended especially for demanding customers who can appreciate the quality and varietal purity of wines. The MIKULOVE series are popular wines made from high-quality Moravian grapes that bring a unique taste experience at an affordable price.

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