BOHEMIA SEKT sold 29 million bottles in 2019

BOHEMIA SEKT sold more than 29 million bottles of sparkling wines, sparkling beverages and still wines last year, repeating its sales success from 2018.



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BOHEMIA SEKT sold 29 million bottles in 2019 

Starý Plzenec, 15 January 2020 BOHEMIA SEKT sold more than 29 million bottles of sparkling wines, sparkling beverages and still wines last year, repeating its sales success from 2018. As in past years, Bohemia Sekt Demi Sec remains the most popular sparkling wine with more than 7 million bottles sold. Still wine brands also fared well.

“We evaluate the past two years as very successful in terms of both sales and fulfilment of the company’s long-term strategies. Both years our sales surpassed the 29 million bottle mark while also registering growth in the premium wine category – quality wines and wines with special attributes,” Bohemia Sekt CEO Ondřej Beránek commented on the results.

Nearly 18 million bottles of sparkling wines and sparkling beverages were sold on the Czech market. Growth in the category was driven by increasing interest in alcohol-free sparkling wines, which the company offers in two varieties – white and rosé. Annual sales exceeded 600,000 bottles.

Prosecco Mionetto, which Bohemia Sekt distributes on the Czech market, also enjoyed significant growth, with year-on-year sales increasing by 21%.

Growth in still wine sales

In the still wine category, sales of domestic brands Habánské Sklepy, Víno Mikulov, Vinařství Pavlov, Chateau Bzenec, and others reached nearly 10.8 million bottles, up 2% year-on-year. Habánské Sklepy is the top-selling brand of still wine on the Czech retail market.

Rising sales has also required long-term investments into planting and maintaining new vineyards and into production. “As one of our priorities is to secure enough Moravian grapes, we are continuing to plant vineyards; we currently have 540 hectares under vine. Our own grape processing centre in Mikulov, which we have been working on building for three years now and will put into operation this year, will help us better respond to stably increasing demand for quality domestic wines,” Beránek added. The new grape-pressing facility is expected to process a total of 8 million kilogrammes of grapes, but if needed the facility’s capacity can later be increased.

Bohemia Sekt will direct further investments in 2020 into sparkling wine production in Starý Plzenec, where the company is deploying a new disgorging line to produce its highest quality sparkling wines made using the traditional method of bottle fermentation – Bohemia Sekt Prestige.


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