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Bohemia Sekt Ice PiNK! is here, made for every party. There’s no need to wait – now is the time to go out, paint the town red and discover the PiNK! This pink sparkling wine served on ice will get any party going, and its refreshing taste with hints of raspberries will blend perfectly with the taste of the exciting experiences that await you. So come on! Raise a glass of Bohemia Sekt Ice PiNK! on ice, add a fresh raspberry, a sprig of mint and show summer who’s PiNK!

Recommended serving temperature: 3-5°C, serve on ice.
Maturing/production time: at least six months.

Enjoy Bohemia Sekt Ice PiNK! to the fullest

1. put ice in a larger wine glass

2. pour chilled Bohemia Sekt Ice PiNK!

3. garnish with a fresh raspberry and a sprig of mint

4. enjoy with friends

Analytical data

Sugar (g/l) Alcohol (% obj.) Acids (g/l)
40 11 5


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