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Romance and unbridled passion, innocence and irresistible desire. Give in to the uniqueness of Bohemia Sekt La Fleur, a unique sparkling wine made from carefully selected aromatic varieties that will awaken your most sensual fantasies.

What makes it special?
First of all, its unique aroma. It is intense, rich and reminiscent of blossoming roses and geraniums with notes of exotic fruits in the background. And, of course, a juicy, full-bodied taste with a pleasant pearl on the tongue and a long, fruity and spicy finish. The golden yellow colour with an elegant and rich sparkle tempts you to taste it, ideally with another.

Recommended serving temperature 3-5°C

Nutritional values

Alcohol 11.5 (% by volume)
Sugar 45 g/l
Acid 5.5 g/l


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