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Bohemia Sekt Prestige demi sec was created for all those who appreciate premium traditional-method sparkling wines and who prefer the demi sec style. It offers clear proof that these two attributes can work wonderfully together. It has won many awards at prestigious competitions.

What will impress you about it?

Premium Bohemia Sekt Prestige demi sec is produced using the traditional bottle fermentation method and is left to mature on the lees for 15–18 months. The cuvée is a unique combination of quality varietal wines from selected vineyards in southern Moravia. Rheinriesling gives the wine a rich aroma and spicy acidity, while Pinot Blanc supplies extractive notes on the palate and Welschriesling adds freshness. It stands out for its long-lasting bubbles, its pleasant green-gold colour, its rich flavour with a long finish, and its harmonious notes typical of the demi sec style.

Bottle sizes: 0.75 l and 0.75 l in gift pack

Selected awards:

ASIA WINE TROPHY DEAJEON 2017 – Gold medal (LOT 16024D)
AWC VIENNA 2017 – Silver medal (LOT 15025I)
AWC VIENNA 2017 – Diploma (LOT 16024D)
AWC VIENNA 2017 – Silver medal (LOT 15025N)
Nár.soutěž vín – Znojemské podoblasti 2017 – Gold medal (LOT 16024G)
San Francisco IWC 2017 – Bronze medal (LOT 16024D)
TERRAVINO 2015 – silver medal (LOT 14015H)
MUNDUSvini 2016 – silver medal winner (LOT 14015H)
AWC VIENNA 2016 – silver medal winner (LOT 14015H, 15025D)
Nár.soutěž vín – slovácké podoblasti 2016 – silver medal (LOT 14015H)
Valtice Wine Markets 2014, Valtice – gold medal winner
GRAND PRIX VINEX 2014, Brno – gold medal winner and category winner
Second round, Prague Wine Trophy 2013, Prague – gold medal winner
Vinařské Litoměřice wine competition 2013, Litoměřice – gold medal winner
Valtice Wine Markets 2013, Valtice – gold medal winner
Vinařské Litoměřice 2015 – gold medal (LOT 14023D)
Prague Wine Trophy 2015 1. kolo – Prague Gold (LOT 14015D, 14023D, 3046D)
GRAND PRIX VINEX 2015, Brno – silver medal (LOT 14015D)
KRÁL VÍN České republiky 2015 – bronze medal (LOT 14023D)
Valtické vinné trhy 2015 – gold medal (LOT 14023D), gold medal (LOT 14025D), bronze medal (LOT 14015D)
MUVINA Prešov 2015, Prešov, Slovakia – gold medal (LOT 14023D)
AWC VIENNA 2015, Vienna, Austria – gold medal (LOT 1415D), silver medal (LOT 14023D)
MUNDUS VINI 2015, Neustadt, Germany – silver medal (LOT 14020D)
San Francisco IWC 2015, USA – bronze medal (LOT 14023D)
IWSC Hong Kong 2016 – bronze medal (LOT 14015H)

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