„Warning! Dear visitors, due to government regulations, the current situation unfortunately does not allow us to carry out excursions and other activities in the Bohemia Sekt Center. We do accept excursion reservations, depending on the situation. All the vouchers valid until the time of closing will be automatically renewed. The reopening date will be announced in advance via our website and social networks. Thank you very much for your understanding and we look forward to your visit at another time "

What Can You Look Forward To?

We’ve prepared a nearly two-hour programme, during which you’ll discover the secret of how the nation’s best known high quality sparkling wines are made.

For instance you will learn the difference between the traditional and Charmat production methods, how yeast is shaken down, and how sediments are removed from sparkling wines. You will be in the place where it all happens and will see in person how our wines are made.

Because we let you see under the hood of the production process itself, you will need to order in advance.


Tour prices as of July 1st, 2017

Tour with extended wine tasting

(includes entry fee and tasting of five sparkling-wine samples)
length: about 2 hours

Tour in Czech

CZK 220

Tour in other language

CZK 250

Tour with wine tasting

(includes entry fee and tasting of three sparkling-wine samples)
length: about 1.5 hours

CZK 190

CZK 220

Tour with alcohol-free wine tasting

(includes entry fee and tasting of alcohol-free sparkling-wine samples) length: about 1.5 hours

CZK 190

CZK 220

Tour without wine tasting

(includes entry fee)
length: about 1 hour

Free for schools

CZK 100

CZK 130

Payment Options
On-site; we accept cash and payment cards
We do not accept foreign currency

Opening Hours

MON – FRI 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

We do not have set tour times. You will need to reserve a specific tour time in advance. We do not provide tours on weekends.

Groups of 6+ People

For groups of six or more people, we can reserve tours at any time during opening hours.

Smaller Groups and Individual Visitors

For smaller groups and individual visitors, we offer the chance to join up with already-ordered tours, or other solutions upon agreement.


377 197 116

Other Information on Tours

The limits for tour group size are min. 6 persons and max. 50 persons.

We offer tours in these languages: Czech, English, and German.

We recommend warm clothing – the temperature in the cellars is around 12°C (54°F).

This tour is not wheelchair-accessible.

As the tour includes a tasting of selected sparkling wines, it is for ages 18 and older.

Unfortunately for operational reasons we cannot influence how the tapping lines run, and thus we cannot guarantee they will be in full operation during your tour.

How to Reach Us


Bohemia Sekt Centrum

Smetanova 220
332 02 Starý Plzenec
Česká republika

By train

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By bus

You can reach us on a bus run by ČSAD.
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You can also arrive via Pilsen city bus line 50 or 51.
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