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A genuine jewel among sparkling wines

Thirty-six months of ageing on the lees and a cuvée from Chardonay and Pinot Noir allow Bohemia Sekt Prestige 36 to achieve exceptional flavour characteristics – subtle tertiary tones, evident mineral and a hint of fresh toast. Everyone will enjoy this jewel among sparkling wines, but only a connoisseur can fully appreciate it.

Bohemia Sekt Prestige 36 has a stunning sparkling lemon to light golden colour and fine, rich bubbles. The subtle fruity nose is reminiscent of ripe apple, finishing with mineral tones and a hint of fresh toast. The elegant, perfectly pure and pleasantly balanced taste of the sparkling wine is juicy, with fresh, zesty acidity.

Three years of ageing on the lees impart subtle tertiary tones that round out its inimitable character. Distinctive for its intense, fresh and pleasantly structured persistence.

Sugar content (g/l)

Alcohol (% obj.)

Acidity (g/l)

Serving temperature




4-6 °C


Selected awards:

Prague Wine Trophy 2020 1. kolo - Prague Premium Gold (LOT 16029A)
Vinalies Internationales 2020 -  Silver medal (LOT 16029A)

KRÁL VÍN České republiky 2019 - Silver medal (LOT16029A)
TERRAVINO 2019 - Gold medal (LOT 16029A)

IWSC Hong Kong 2019 - Bronze medal (LOT 16029A)

Nár.soutěž vín - Velkopavl. podoblasti 2019 - Gold medal (LOT 16029A)

AWC VIENNA 2019 - Silver medal (LOT 14017F)
Salon vín - Národní soutěž vín ČR 2019 - Silver medal (LOT 14017F)
Berliner Wein Trophy 2018 - Gold medal (LOT 14017F)
Nár.soutěž vín -  Mikulovské podoblasti 2018 - Gold medal (LOT 14017F)
Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2018 - Silver medal (LOT 14017F)
Prague Wine Trophy 2018 1. kolo - Prague gold (LOT 14017F)
GRAND PRIX VINEX 2018 - Silver medal (LOT 14017F)
Valtické vinné trhy 2018 - Gold medal (LOT 14017F)
Vinařské Litoměřice 2018 - Silver medal (LOT 14017F)
TERRAVINO 2017 - Gold medal (LOT 14017D)
Nár.soutěž vín - Velkopavl. podoblasti 2017 - Silver medal (LOT 14017D)
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BOHEMIA SEKT PRESTIGE 36 BRUT 5103900 0,75 L 6 N 60 8594000940500 8594000940517