Company policy

BOHEMIA SEKT, s.r.o. is the main company of the BOHEMIA SEKT group, the strongest wine-growing and wine-making group in the Czech Republic. The BOHEMIA SEKT group is the biggest producer of sparkling wines in the Czech Republic, the most important Czech producer of still wines.

The Company’s strategy is to react quickly and flexibly to the demands of the market, to continuously ensure the quality and safety of its products, to increase its competitiveness on the domestic and foreign market and to rely on strong exportable brands. Its strategy also includes eliminating the adverse effects of its activities and products on the environment, improving its health and safety system and complying with ethical standards. To implement its strategy, the management of BOHEMIA SEKT, s.r.o. has announced the following policy:

A customer focus – the Company monitors customers’ current and future needs, meets their requirements and endeavours to anticipate their expectations. It works to expand its customers’ knowledge about wine and about the culture of consuming and handling wine.

Staff qualifications, training and motivation will be developed with regard to the future needs of the Company.

A process approach – management according to processes identified in the Company is the basis for the Company to be financially strong, professionally organised, optimally technically equipped and capable of reacting quickly and flexibly to the demands of the market with constant regard to quality, safety and minimal environmental impact.

Continuous improvement – the results of continuous monitoring of the decision-making processes of the Company are the basis for setting quality goals and for improving hygiene and production practices. Environmental impact monitoring determines the objectives and programmes for continuous improvement of the Company’s environmental system and profile and pollution prevention.

A fact-based approach to decision-making – effective decisions are based on analyses of data and information. For this reason, the maximum flow of information through all information channels is ensured within the Company.

Mutually beneficial supplier relations – the Company and its suppliers are dependent on each other. Mutually beneficial relations increase their ability to create value. The Company therefore encourages its suppliers to comply in their activities with the legislation in force, with the contractual requirements passed on by the Company, and with ethical standards.

Compliance with legislation and ethical standards – the Company pledges to comply continuously with Czech and, in the case of exports, relevant foreign legislation and other legal requirements for the production of safe foods, for environmental protection and for the protection of the health and safety of its workers and to comply with generally recognised ethical principles for business activities and interpersonal relations.

Communication – the Company communicates openly with the public, local and central government authorities, unions and associations, customers and suppliers, and accepts and takes seriously comments regarding the quality and safety of its products and the environmental impacts of its activities. It informs its employees, persons working for the Company, the public and other stakeholders about its policies and their implementation. Version 1/05.2012 2 The senior management and managers of the Company act continuously in accordance with the strategy of the Company and with this policy, including in the areas of product quality and safety, environmental management and business ethics. They set an example for their fellow employees.

Employee engagement – employees are encouraged and required to engage in caring for product quality and safety, the environment and compliance with ethical standards, to improve the quality of their work and, through their behaviour, to support the strategy of the company, to care for the reputation of the Company and to uphold its ethical standards in public. Any employee who fails to heed this policy acts against the interests of the entire Company.