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Chateau Bzenec brut
Almost 150 years ago, the winemakers of Bzenec prepared the first ever Moravian sparkling wine from the Riesling variety. It is up to us to preserve their legacy and continue to develop it so that Chateau Bzenec enriches the world of wine for the present and future generations.

In 1875, when the winemakers of Bzenec were deciding what cuvée to use for the first-ever sparkling wine produced in Moravia, the choice was clear. They chose Riesling, a variety that enjoys excellent climatic conditions in Bzenecko.

Thus was born Chateau Bzenec, a single-varietal sparkling wine made from Riesling, which gives the sparkling wine its rich aroma and tangy acidity.

Not much has changed since the first bottle of Bzenec sparkling wine was produced in 1875. Even today, we prepare sparkling wine using the traditional method of fermentation in the bottle. Chateau Bzenec sparkling wine cuvée is still made exclusively from Riesling grapes that are aged in optimal conditions. To this day, we use only those vintages that nature has endowed with the characteristics suitable for the creation of top-quality sparkling wine. Just as it was nearly 150 years ago.

Enjoy a golden hue and rich pearl, a delicate aroma with hints of sweet peach and a full-bodied taste with harmonious acidity, fruity lightness and long persistence.

Sugar: 7.5 g/l, acid: 7 g/l,
Yeast ageing time: min. 15 months,
Recommended serving temperature 4-6°C


Prague Wine Trophy 2023 – Prague Premium Gold (lot number: 18047C)
Grand Prix Vinex 2023 – Double Gold Medal (lot number: 19050A)
Král vín České republiky 2023 – Winner of Category (lot number: 19050A)
AWC VIENNA 2023 – Silver Medal (lot number: 20068A)
MUNDUSvini 2023 – Gold Medal (lot number: 19050A)

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