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Louis Girardot
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Get to know the most noble sparkling wine produced by Bohemia Sekt, named in honour of Louis Girardot, a top French expert in sparkling wine production, who in the early days of sparkling wine production in Stary Plzenec initiated the local cellar masters into the secrets of its production.

Why is it our flagship?

Louis Girardot, our most noble sparkling wine, is created by the traditional method of fermentation in the bottle. For its cuvée, the best vintages of white wines of the Riesling, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grape varieties, originally from the Moravia wine region, are carefully selected. The sparkling wine is aged on yeast for 24-36 months; the long maturation gives it a very fine, long-lasting sparkling effect, which is also necessary to create a perfectly mature and harmonious character.

Louis Girardot Sekt is distinguished by its pleasant golden yellow colour, its glossy bouquet and its harmonious taste with a hint of ripe walnut kernels. It regularly wins awards for exceptional quality at the most important national and international competitions. This is why it has deservedly received a truly royal honour: after a careful selection, Louis Girardot sparkling wine was served to the British monarch, Her Royal Highness Elizabeth II, during her visit to Prague.

Recommended serving temperature
4-6 °C

Nutritional values

Sugar (g/l)

Alcohol (% by volume)

Acids (g/l)


Prague Wine Trophy 2023 – Prague Premium Gold (lot number: 21020A)
Grand Prix Vinex 2023 – Gold Medal (lot number: 20069C)
Berliner Wine Trophy 2023 – Gold Medal (lot number: 20069B)
MUNDUSvini 2023 – Gold Medal (lot number: 20069C)
AWC VIENNA 2023 – Gold Medal (lot number: 20069C)


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