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Experience Louis Girardot, the noblest sparkling wine produced by Bohemia Sekt. It is named in honour of Louis Girardot, a top French expert who taught the local cellarmen the tricks of the trade back in the early days of sparkling wine production at Starý Plzenec.

Why is it our flagship product?

Louis Girardot, our noblest sparkling wine, is produced using the traditional bottle fermentation method. For the cuvée we carefully select the best Rheinriesling, Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay vintages from the Moravian wine-growing area. The wine matures on the yeast lees for 24–36 months. This long ageing process gives the wine very fine, long-lasting bubbles and is also vital for creating its perfectly mature and harmonious characteristics.

Louis Girardot is exceptional for its lovely golden yellow colour, mature bouquet and harmonious flavour with a hint of ripe walnuts. It regularly wins prizes at prestigious local and international competitions. Louis Girardot was served to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II during her state visit to the Czech Republic.

Sugar (g/l)

Alcohol (% ABV)

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Selected awards:

Víno Parlamentu ČR 2020 - third place in the category (LOT 17058A)
GRAND PRIX VINEX 2020 - Silver medal (LOT 16028D)
Prague Wine Trophy 2020 1. kolo - Prague Gold (LOT 16028D)
Prague Wine Trophy 2020 1. kolo - Prague Gold (LOT 17058A)
Vinalies Internationales 2020 - Gold medal (LOT 16028D)
KRÁL VÍN České republiky 2019 - Winner of cathegory / Gold medal (LOT 16028D)
TERRAVINO 2019 -  Gold medal (LOT 16028B)
IWSC Hong Kong 2019 - Bronze medal (LOT 16028D)
Nár.soutěž vín -  Slovácké podoblasti 2019 - Gold medal (LOT 16028B)
OENOFORUM 2019 - Gold medal (LOT 16028B)
AWC VIENNA 2019 - Gold medal (LOT 14019D)
AWC VIENNA 2019 - Silver medal (LOT 16028B)
Salon vín - Národní soutěž vín ČR 2019 - Gold medal (LOT 14019D)
ASIA WINE TROPHY 2018 - Silver medal (LOT 3042A)
MUNDUSvini 2018 - Silver medal (LOT 3042A)
Nár.soutěž vín -  Znojemské podoblasti 2018 - Gold medal and category winner (LOT 14019D)
Champagne&Sparkling Wine World Championships Ltd 2018 - Silver medal (LOT 3042A)
MUVINA Prešov 2018 - Gold medal (LOT 3042A)
Prague Wine Trophy 2018 1. kolo - Prague gold (LOT 3042A)
Valtické vinné trhy 2018  - Gold medal (LOT  3042A)
Vinařské Litoměřice 2018 - Gold medal (LOT 3042A)
Les Grand Concours du Monde 2018 Strasbourg 2018 - Stříbrná medaile (LOT 3042A)
Vinalies Internationales 2018 - Gold medal (LOT 3042A)
Salon vín - Národní soutěž vín ČR 2018 - Salon vín ČR 2018 and Gold medal (LOT 2047A)
ASIA WINE TROPHY DEAJEON 2017 - Gold medal (LOT 14019D)
MUNDUSvini 2017 - Silver medal (LOT 14019D)
AWC VIENNA 2017 - Silver medal (LOT 114019D)
San Francisco IWC 2017 - Silver medal (LOT 14019D)
Decanter World Wine Awards 2017 London - Bronze medal (LOT 14019D)
TERRAVINO 2015 - gold medal (LOT 2045A)
AWC VIENNA 2016 - silver medal (LOT 2045A)
San Francisco IWC 2016 - bronze medal (LOT 2045A)
MUVINA Prešov 2016 - gold medal (LOT 2045A)
Vinařské Litoměřice wine competition 2014, Litoměřice – gold medal winner
Second round, Prague Wine Trophy 2014, Prague – gold medal winner
Winemaker of the Year 2014 – gold medal winner
GRAND PRIX VINEX 2015 - great gold medal winner (LOT 1035C)
Salon vín České republiky 2015 - location in the Wine Salon
Valtické vinné trhy 2015, Valtice - silver medal (LOT 1035C)
OENOFORUM 2015, Velehrad - gold medal (LOT 1035C)
KRÁL VÍN České republiky 2015 - bronze medal (LOT 1035C)
Prague Wine Trophy 2015 1. kolo - Prague Gold (LOT 1035C)
DECANTER London, Great Britain 2015 - bronze medal (LOT 1035A)
AWC VIENNA 2015, Vienna, Austria- silver medal (LOT 1035C)
MUNDUS VINI 2015, Neustadt, Germany- silver medal (LOT 1190)
San Francisco IWC 2015, USA - bronze medal (LOT 1035C)
IWSC Hong Kong 2016 - silver medal (LOT 2045A)
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