Both of the Sparkling Wines at the 2019 Wine Salon Come from Starý Plzenec

Two sparkling wines, the Louis Girardot Brut 2013 and the Bohemia Sekt Prestige Chardonnay Brut, won gold medals in the Sparkling Wines category at the national 2019 Wine Salon competition



Both of the Sparkling Wines at the 2019 Wine Salon Come from Starý Plzenec


Starý Plzenec, 21 January 2019 – Two sparkling wines, the Louis Girardot Brut 2013 and the Bohemia Sekt Prestige Chardonnay Brut, won gold medals in the Sparkling Wines category at the national 2019 Wine Salon competition, thus earning them a place at the wine-tasting exhibition of the 100 best Czech and Moravian wines for the given year. Thus, both of the entries that placed in this category come from Starý Plzenec. The medalists at the 2019 Wine Salon included several still wines from the Bohemia Sekt group as well: Habánské sklepy Pinot Gris Late Harvest 2017, Víno Mikulov Sommelier Club Pálava Late Harvest 2017 and Vinařství Pavlov Sauvignon Late Harvest 2016.


This prestigious recognition ties in to the National Wine Competition of the Czech Republic. This year saw a record number of entrants for this competition’s nomination rounds: 2199 wines. One hundred of the best wines in various categories can then become medalists for the “Wine Salon of the Czech Republic”. For the upcoming year, a wine-tasting exhibition will be open at the Valtice Chateau, where visitors will have the opportunity of enjoying these wines.


“Our success each year in placing at the Wine Salon – along with our other awards – is a reflection of how our growers produce their wines, including their sparkling wines, with the utmost care, at high quality, and with love”, said Bohemia Sekt’s director Ondřej Beránek of the results.


This year, Bohemia Sekt took on the Sparkling Wines category with its premium sparkling wines produced using in-bottle fermentation.


Louis Girardot Brut, the noblest of the sparkling wines produced by Bohemia Sekt, is the product of the very best vintages of Moravian white grapes of the Riesling, Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay varieties. It spends roughly 36 months aging on lees. This wine has received its name in honour of Louis Girardot, a top French expert in the production of sparkling wines, who passed on his know-how to the winemakers in Starý Plzenec in the 1950s.







Bohemia Sekt Prestige Chardonnay brut is characterised by fine bubbles that form a rich crown rimming its surface. Its nose is elegant, with a rich aroma of citrus and orchard fruit, and with undertones of white flowers. It is also characterised by a juicy, honey-smooth palate reminiscent of dried fruit, with a fairly long finish. This unique sparkling wine is produced using traditional in-bottle fermentation, and it spends 15 to 18 months aging on lees.








Habánské sklepy, Pinot Blanc Late Harvest 2017This varietal wine is characterised by a dark-golden colour and a rich fruity nose reminiscent of gooseberries, peaches or white currants. It is best served at 9–11 °C.






Víno Mikulov Sommelier Club, Pálava Late Harvest 2017. This Pálava wine is characterised by a light yellow colour and a typical varietal, slightly spicy nose with tones of overripe exotic fruit, honey and grapes. Its juicy sweet, yet spicy palate is very pleasant as well. Because of this, it is best suited for desserts, fruit salads and blue cheeses.






Vinařství Pavlov, Sauvignon Late Harvest 2016A viridescent yellow varietal wine with a fruity aroma reminiscent of ripe or dried fruit. This wine’s palate is juicy and elegantly fresh, with a mineral backdrop. Its refreshing palate makes it a good fit for freshwater fish, poultry and delicate terrines.



About the Wine Salon Competition

The Wine Salon is a competition that has been held every year since 2001 as the climax of the National Wine Competition. The competition’s entries pass through a system of regional nomination competitions of the National Wine Competition under the patronage of the Winemakers’ Union of the Czech Republic. During the first of the competition’s two rounds, its jury first selects the 400 best out of the competing wines. In its second round, the 100 best are awarded the gold medal of the Wine Salon of the Czech Republic, while the rest are awarded its silver medal. “Champion,” “Category Winner” and “Best Collection” titles are awarded as well. For more information on the contest, visit:




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